PANNIKOV Andrew Illyich
The founder


БЕБЕС Валентин Васильович

Contact number of the director - (03366) 2-25-14

SHKIRYNETS Yuri Mykolayovych
Deputy director in charge of juridical issues security

Contact number in the legal department - (03366) 2-94-12

Rizvanyuk Svitlana Vasylivna
Chief Accountant

Contact number in the accounting department - (03366) 2-24-54

Mazuryk Yuriy Fedorovych
Deputy Director for Crop Production, Chief Agronomist

Contact phone + 380-67-332-3626

About company

 Agricultural limited company «Ratnovskyi Agrariy» is situated in the north-west part of Volyn region.
Moderate climate creats favourable conditions for plant growing and livestock farming.
       Land areas of «Ratnovskyi Agrariy» are located close to international route M - 19 «Domanove (to Brest) - Kovel - Chernivtsi - Terebleche (to Buharest)». It provides convinient logistic connection and transportation of company production by trucks both in Volyn region, Ukraine and in Republic Belarus. Close location to strategic important railway terminals helps to increase export of company production to the countries of the European Union.
       Agricultural limited company «Ratnovskyi Agrariy» grows maize,, rape, soya, rye, oats, annual and perennial grasses and other crops on the rented lands by using modern technology farming. Organic fertilizers are applied under sowing crops.
These fertilizers are supplied with development of stock-raising in company.
       Proper herd was being created during the first year of company business activity. Today the herd consists of above 1000 pedigree cattle heads of five meat breeds, such as Limousin, Charollais, Aberdeen Angus, Poliska myasna, Volynska myasna. Cattle feeding is realized by the way of unattached keeping using ecologically clean feed without stimulators of growth and other inorganic elements.
       Company professionals carry out selective breeding work in order to improve herd quality and to create new genetic lines.
       Thanks to cattle purchase by creating herd both in breeding farms in Ukraine and abroad, the breed core descends from different genetic lines, such as:

  • Limousin of Polish, French selection lines SympaUK305117/400460, Fleethill Talisman UK522710/100544, and Ukrainian line M.M.K.Komanda 372305;
  • Charollais of Polish, French Canadian selective lines Ksiega / Rejestr, Meardi Tally UK268051/3002440, Gower Javelin UK121566/100337;
  • Aberdeen Angus of Ukrainian selection lines Ilinmera Leda 173, Ideala 3163, Rajto B 1567126;
  • Poliska Myasna of Ukrainian selection lines Kaskadera 530, Omara 814, Layner 65;
  • Volynska Myasna of Ukrainian selection lines Komanda 372305, Mydryi 3426, Bujnuj 3042, Tsebryka 3888.

       At the same time the new genetic lines of highquality stud bulls of the best world selection are placed.
       Existing livestock is thoroughbred and relates to elite-record type. Average daily growth of young cattle is 1000-1300 gramm.
       Yearly company «Ratnovskyi Agrariy» offers pedigree young cattle and servicing bulls of different breeds, genetic lines of elite-record type and ecologically clean meat of high quality.