Our production

Ratnivsky Agrarian LLC has been in the agricultural sector for nine years now, which has allowed us to reach the optimal choice and technology of sowing all grain, legumes and oilseeds.
These years have allowed to collect, and in a balanced way to grow on own forages the multi-headed, breeding herd of elite meat cattle of four breeds, namely:
- "Charolais cattle"
- "Limousin cattle"
- "Angus cattle"
- "Volinian Beef" or "Polissya breed"


Charolais cattle

The color of the animals is creamy white. The animals are large, they have a typical meat structure. The head is small, with a broad forehead, the horns are moderately long, the torso is deep, elongated, the back is straight, muscular. Live weight of cows is 700-800 kg, bulls - 1000-1200 kg, young animals under 18 months reach a weight of 450-650 kg. Slaughter yield is 60-65%, up to 70%. High quality meat, lean. Animals are hardy, fattened quickly. They are well acclimatized, characterized by normal reproductive capacity, grow well and develop. One of the negative signs of this breed is the severe course of calving. Milk yield of cows is 1700-1900 kg, in some herds 2500 kg. Young animals are characterized by intensive growth. The average live weight of 8-month-old bulls is 306-354 kg, heifers - 281-297 kg.

Angus cattle

Angus have a strong physique and short limbs, due to the dense structure of the animal's wool easily adapt to cold climates. The body of Aberdeen-Angus cattle is almost cylindrical, the legs are short, the head is hornless, the color is black, sometimes with white spots in the lower part of the body. The average live weight of cows is 550-650 kg, bulls - 820-950 kg. High quality meat, marble. The head is small with a short snout, the forehead is convex, the nape is narrow. The neck is short, merges with the shoulders. Chest wide, up to 65 cm wide. The body is three-dimensional, wide, up to 140 cm long.

Limousin cattle

The color of cattle of the limousine breed varies from light golden red to reddish brown, may be black, around the nasal mirror and light hair. Horns, hooves and nose mirror - light. The structure of the body of animals is harmonious, the body is slightly stretched, the limbs are strong. The head is small, the neck is short. Chest wide but not deep. The back is wide, straight, with well-developed muscles. The buttocks are long, slightly drooping. The back is well developed, the thighs are full. According to some data, the size of the body of the limousine is second only to Charolais, according to other data - Charolais and Simmental breed.

Live weight of cows is 527 kg, bulls aged two and three years - 790 and 855 kg, respectively. Calving in cows is without complications. Live weight of calves at birth is 38-39 kg for heifers, for bulls - 40-42 kg. Calves grow fast. At the age of 120 days, heifers reach a weight of 162 kg, bulls - 172 kg. At the age of 210 days, after stopping feeding milk to calves, their weight is: for heifers - 258 kg, for bulls - 286 kg.

Волинська м'ясна
Volinian Beef

A characteristic feature of the breed is the red color of different shades, comol. Animals have a strong constitution, proportional body structure: a wide, rounded body with well-developed muscles.

Live weight of adult broodstock - 950-1050, cows - 500-550, calves at birth - 28-32 kg. When grown for meat at the age of 15-18 months, bulls reach a live weight of 472-592 kg, average daily gains - 1000-1200 g, feed consumption per 1 kg of growth - 6.2-8.0 k.od., slaughter yield - 60-66%, the yield of pulp per 1 kg of bones - 5.1-6.1 kg. Cows have good maternal qualities, high milk yield and reproductive capacity, are characterized by longevity, calving is easy.