The yield of corn

The yield of corn and sunflower will be much lower than expected

UCAB's forecast for gross corn harvest has fallen from 32 million tons to 29.4-29.5 million tons, but it may still change to a more optimistic one. Currently, according to UCAB, about 13 million tons of corn have been harvested with an average yield of 5.18 t / ha (according to the Ministry of Economy - 14.5 million tons with a yield of 4.73 t / ha). In some areas, more than 50% of sown areas have already been harvested, ie we can talk about a more or less stable average productivity per hectare. But usually farmers start harvesting from less productive fields, so there are some hopes that by the end of the harvest productivity will be higher and increase to an average of 5.75 t / ha.